German Translation

is a wonderful thing...

Translation makes it possible for you to convey your thoughts, ideas, hopes, dreams, ambitions, experience and anything you want to people who share a different language and a different culture. And when the translation is good - and some translations are very good – readers will understand and take in the message as if it had been written in their own language by someone who shared their own culture. That's amazing!

Translation enables companies to trade successfully in other countries, to reach new customers and to realize their full marketing potential. A good translation can make the difference between winning or losing a contract, between encouraging and preventing a sale and ultimately between being taken seriously or not. Good translation is the ultimate marketing tool and German translation is our business.

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Our team

We have chosen our native-speaking translators because of their ability to communicate the message well and because they want to please the reader and give them something that is a joy to read. Before they return their work, we expect our translators to ask themselves, have I delivered what the readers wanted? Have I informed them, persuaded them and made the English or German writer’s thoughts clear in the translation? Have I given them what they wanted?

We offer

Website translations for private individuals, universities, publishing houses and businesses.
Effective accomplished work which has been rendered by qualified professionals.
A reliable and fast service – from request of an estimate through to the delivery of translation.
A 24 hour turn around service for urgent smaller documents.

We translate from English into German in both directions in the following areas:

  • Technical
  • Business
  • Job Applications
  • Marketing
  • Legal texts
  • Advertising
  • Software handbooks
  • Software
  • Science
  • Websites
  • Sports

Do you have an urgent translation? Contact us now to see whether we can help you with our fast 24-hour-turn-around service for urgent translations.

Welcome to Twigg's Translations
 German Translation is an amazing thing! It makes it possible to convey your ideas, thoughts, experience, hopes, dreams and anything that you may wish to share with people from a different culture who speak a different language. When you convey these ideas through good translation, then your audience will understand your message as if it has been written in their language by somebody who shares their culture. Now that is truly wonderful. Translation is something that enables a company to trade their product successfully to other countries and to reach out to new customers and enable them to reach their full marketing potential.
 Winning a contract is a big deal, and there is no doubt that good translation can ultimately be the difference between a winning contract or a losing one. This is the one thing that can make a massive difference on a customer taking your product seriously or not. Translation should be without compromise and it is one of the most important marketing tools you can have, and this is why we have chosen native-speaking translators, as they do have the ability to communicate the message you are wanting to get across to the reader well, and will ultimately translate the message into something that is good to read and something that will please the reader.
 We expect our translators to take a look through the their work and ask themselves, whether or not they have entertained the reader? Have they in their translation kept them well informed and persuaded them, making their thoughts clear in the English or German translation, and ultimately to ask themselves ‘Have I given the reader what they want?