1. Which languages are translated?
We translate from German to English and English to German, we do not translate between any other language.

2. What turnaround can I expect for a document to be translated?
There are three factors on which this depends:
  • The length of the document to be translated.
  • The level of difficulty, i.e. if the document is technical and for instance research is a necessary factor.
  • The translation format, i.e. if it is to be completed in Winword, Excel, PowerPoint etc.
Usually one of our experienced translators can usually translate around 2000 words a day

3. What is the charge for translation? Is there a discount for volume?
The charge for translation is in Euros. Our prices start from 1.30 Euro’s per line (a line will consist of 55 keystrokes inclusive, empty spaces DIN standard). Translation which is completed in simple and everyday texts does cost less than the more challenging and technical text. Discount for bulk work can be arranged, this depends on the amount of work which is involved. For more details about this please refer to our pricing page which can be found here.

4. What is the policy for answering protocols?
What is the general procedure in which documents are submitted, translated and then returned? We are able to read documents which arrive to us by e-mail, post or fax in the following formats PowerPoint, Excel, PDF, html, Winword, or text which is pasted into the mail itself). We do prefer to return our documents in WinWord files, but we are flexible and can work with customers to fulfill their requirements

5. How do I pay for the service?
We email through our invoice and we can except payment via PayPal (which enables payment by almost all major credit cards). Direct bank transfer within 14 days of the invoicing date.

6. Can you describe the technical fluency of your German and English translators and vice-versa?
As each and every has a different technical terminology it can take many years for a translator to learn the register for each industry, it is for this reason that all of the translators we have do have their own individual strengths.

7. Whereabouts is the translation performed?
Most of our translation agency tasks are completed by a small amount of external freelancers who we have worked alongside for many years.

8. Are your translators qualified, ie are they professionals or students and do they come from an educational background?
All of the translators which work for us are native-speaking professionals and translation is always transcribed into their native speaking tongue.

9. Do you have any aspects of the service you offer which you consider to be unequalled or unique?
Unlike most we offer a service which is purely to translate between German and English, which means that we are able to keep in constant control of the quality of the translation that our customers receive.