Twigg’s Translations has been providing companies, academic institutions and private individuals in Germany, Switzerland, the UK and many other countries with translations into German and English and vice-versa since 1998.

We specialise in providing professional English-German translation services at a fair price.  Since 1999 we have been involved in translating some very prestigious and successful projects. These include a program sponsored by UNESCO (, which is dedicated to civic and peace education, and a multimedia discovery of beautiful and rare books for the Berlin State Library.

Our customers also include companies for which we have been translating for many years on a regular basis, such as the Klocke Publishing Company in Germany. Many of our English-language articles in these magazines have been read right across the world over many years.

We are proud to offer a professional translation service that is as flexible and open to the needs of our customers. Indeed, we attach a great deal of importance to finding out exactly what our customers want by actually talking with them.

Twigg’s Translations does not offer translations into all languages. We specialise in German to English and vice-versa.

About the People that Translate for you

First and foremost our translators are at the heart of our business. Without our talented and committed translators, we would be unable to meet the deadline and quality demands of our customers. We have been working with some of our translators for more than 10 years.

  • We work exclusively with experienced, motivated and qualified translators, who have made translating their career.
  • All our work is rendered by native speakers.
  • We pride ourselves on paying a fair wage which is above the industry average. We believe that by treating out translators fairly we will be rewarded in terms of motivation and quality.
  • Twigg’s translations is a family business (German and English). Being German and English means that we can always choose the best people, people who are capable of excellent work. This is also the reason why we only translate between German and English.
  • We can draw on a large pool of translators to match the document to the area of expertise of our translators.
  • We have a non-disclosure agreement with all our people so you can be sure your documents will be kept confidential.
  • We regularly check the quality of the translations.
  • Our translators are all comfortable working with common translation software.

You can be sure that if you trust us to translate your document, you will be getting top quality work from people who know the business, the culture, the language, the industry and how to render a translation so that it reflects the message and intention of original in either German or English..

Susanne Twigg - Owner of Twigg's TranslationsAre you looking for a professional and serious German translation service? We can help. Contact us now and we promise a fast response with a transparent price and delivery time.

Susanne Twigg
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