Professional Translation

Translated from start to finish by an experienced native speaker.


Straightforward Textfrom 0.19 EUR per word
More Difficult Textfrom 0.20 EUR per word
Challenging Textfrom 0.20 EUR per word
Creative workfrom 0.20 EUR per word

* Prices do not include VAT at 19%
* We have a minimum order amount of 150 EUR

Hybrid Translation

  • Step 1: Mashine Translation is used for the initial translation into German
  • Step 2: One of our native-speaking professional translators proofreads the translation corrects clear mistakes etc.
Hybrid translationfrom 0.09 EUR per word

Straightforward Text

By straightforward, we mean text which will be immediately understood by any of our translators and which will require no special knowledge in a particular field. The translator will not have to be creative over and above that which is normally expected. Sentences will be short and usually below 25 words in length.

More Difficult Text

Most of the texts that we receive for translation fall into this category. To translate a more difficult text, the person translating the text will have to draw on his/her knowledge of a particular field or will have to research terminology. Sentence length will often be longer and more varied. The translator will also need to be more creative to make the translation “smooth”.

Challenging Text

Here we are talking about text which will test and stretch the translator. Research, specialized knowledge, creativity, experience and excellent writing skills are just some of the skills that will be needed. The translator will have to draw on all his/her knowledge of German and English to achieve a good translation. Customers may also be asked to help with specialized terminology.

Because all texts and translation requirements are different, we cannot give you a fixed price here. Just get in touch and you’ll hear back from us quickly with a free quote and turnaround time. Contact page…

Website Translation

Websites are as varied as the internet. A website will often contain straightforward, more difficult and challenging text. If you are thinking about having your website translated into German or English, please send us the URL (web address) of your site and we’ll provide you with a free quote. Please tell us whether you would like the entire site translating or just some particular sections. Here are some examples of past website-translation projects.


Providing an accurate price for proofreading is a challenge in itself. While some of the writing we receive for proofreading needs very little correction and can be done quickly, other texts have been known to take longer to proofread than it would have done to translate them from scratch. Please send your text to us via e-mail and we’ll get back to you with your free proofreading quote.

General Information

The format of a document also has a bearing on price. A poor quality fax, for instance, would be more expensive to translate than a clear WinWord document. We also have a minimum order charge of 150 euros.


You will receive your completed translation via e-mail.

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