Twigg’s translations is responsible for translating HIDEAWAYS, one of the world’s most exclusive travel magazines, and HIGH LIFE, an exclusive lifestyle magazine, for the Klocke Publishing Company.

University of St. Gallen

“The translations we receive from twigg’s translations save us lots of time. The completed specialist management and marketing texts can be published straightaway within the department without any need for editing. I would like to recommend twigg’s translations to anyone looking for professional English or German translation.”

Prof. Dr. Sven Reinecke, Institute of Marketing and Commerce at the University of St. Gallen, Switzerland.

Schellenberg & Kirchberg

Schellenberg & Kirchberg PR is responsible for a number of Germany’s leading companies. Based in Hamburg, we create press releases, newsletter and company magazines as well as managing internet and intranet content and promotions. twigg’s translations has been translating this content into English for a number of years. We find them professional, fast and extremely flexible.“

Cord Schellenberg.

Klaus Schwenk Software

“What I really like about twigg’s is their speed, their efficiency and their refreshingly unfussy style. It’s particularly comforting to know that when I need a translation urgently, they will always deliver no matter how busy they are. Their translations really are very good, especially when I ask them to translate freely.”

Klaus Schwenk

Pro Results

“Dear Susanne and Alan,
I would like to say thank you for the care, time and work you put into translating my website. I am highly satisfied with the results and will certainly be using your translation services in the future.”

Jens Hollmann (Owner)

BRANOpac GmbH Papierveredlung

“BRANOpac has to react quickly to the needs of its customers and this also includes translations into English. We have always found twigg’s translations to be reliable and professional. The work that we need translating into English from German is always delivered on time and in excellent quality. We really appreciate our excellent business relationship, thank you.”

Claudia Jasmer

Capella-Software GmbH

“I will make no secret of the fact that we asked four different translation companies to provide us with a sample translation, which we passed on to our business partners in England and South Africa for evaluation. They both agreed that yours was the best…”

Hans-Ulrich Werner

Our Customers:

Adservio OHG
Agentur Lupus-Italicus
Alemania AG Deutschschule, CH
Alkena GmbH
Angela Liedler GmbH
Antarctic Shipping S.A., Santiago, Chile
Banyan Tree Hotels and Resorts
Bein GmbH
Chilli Mind GmbH
Dafo Fomtec AB, Schweden
Darier & Cleef GmbH
Davinci Sales and Marketing Ltd., IR
DEKRA Automobil GmbH
EMR European Metal Recycling GmbH
Erbslöh AG
Ergo-Flex GmbH & Co. KG
Faromedia creative network – interactive GmbH & Co KG
FISCHER Consulting & Training
flying saucer Attraction Design & Engineering GmbH & Co. KG
FUTURE MARKETING Kommunikation für IT-Unternehmen
Go! Finance Personalberatung GmbH
Gröne Werbeservice GmbH
GSW Europe
HiTec Consult GmbH
Integra Holding AG, Schweiz
Integranova GmbH
Intergraph (Deutschland) GmbH
Italian Lighting Centre
J & M Management Consulting AG
Joussenkarliczek GmbH
La Boutique Suisse AG, CH
Lycos Europe GmbH
MediuM Werbeagentur und Verlag GmbH
msr GmbH
Neffgen GmbH
On Air Production
Onvio GmbH
Oswald Hotel Bayerischer Wald
Palmer Jurk Design Jutta und Rainer Jurk GbR
Patentanwälte Vollmann & Hemmer
Photowerft, Thomas Riess
Vision64 GmbH & Co.KG
PM/D GmbH Proksch Marketing Distribution
PMC Pharma Management Consultants, CH
Postbank P.O.S. Transact GmbH
PS Service Systeme GmbH
Rechtsanwälte Singelmann & Bach
Schaerer Mayfield NeuroMate AG, CH
Schellenberg & Kirchberg PR GmbH & Co KG
Schrage Rohrkettensystem GmbH
Smartsleep AG
step!one. AG
Swiss Capital Invest Holdings, CH
Terra Fortunata Property in La Gomera
Triple Alpha Luftfahrt GmbH
TU Bergakademie Freiberg
Visavis Filmproduktion GmbH
Voxeljet Technology GmbH
VP Media GmbH
Wade & Company SA
Werkmeister GmbH + Co. KG
Winands hoch3
Wystrach GmbH

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